Technical packaging

Bergen Plastics have many years of experience in technical packaging, and is currently one of the leading European manufacturers of special packaging for liquid and powder detergent capsules. 

Bergen Plastics have packaging solutions on the market certified according to ISO 8317. While being certified according to ISO 8317 the products are being classified as a CRP packaging. Bergen Plastics have several products certified, among them is the standard solution which we call the PLUS SAFE. PLUS SAFE have become a success and are being sold to brands and private labels, all over Europe.

Bergen Plastics have unique technology and knowledge related to CRP and CRC solutions for packaging for laundry capsules and dish wash tablets. We have a team of designers and engineers that can develop the design our customers desire and at the same time being able to implement our CRP and CRC technology.

We are specialists in colours

Bergen Plastics have several strong partners and suppliers to lean on concerning colour formulas.

We can make packaging in almost any colour and with all known colour effects. Please contact us for more information.



Packaging made of recycled PP

Bergen Plastics is the European market leader when it comes to special packaging for laundry capsules. As the market leader, we are focusing on implementing recycled materials in our packaging where this is possible.

We have several products on the market made of recycled PP and postconsumer PP. We have a special product team with knowledge and experience that can develop new products or turn your existing product into a product manufactured based on recycled PP. We are proud to be a part of a circular economy. We have decided to use more R&D resources to create more benefits and advantages for our customers while choosing recycled PP in their packaging. Especially technical packaging is suitable for recycled PP. Please contact us for more information.

New developments

Safe™ Series

Bergen Plastics offer the Round and Square Safe™ container and lid series, a new benchmark in child-resistant packaging (CRP).

This packaging has been designed to conform to ISO 8317 and other valid standards and requirements found in European markets today.

The Round Safe™ are available with different lid solutions, while Square Safe™ comes in three different lid solutions. Both lines have tubs in three selectable sizes - with heights of 110 mm, 140 mm and 170 mm.

Bergen Plastics offer packaging in 100% recycled material, stemming from our own production surplus.

Round Safe ™  with 3-safe  ™ lid

Round Safe™  with 3-safe™ lid

Round Safe  ™  with standard    lid

Round Safe™  with standard  lid

Square Safe  ™  with Plus Safe  ™ lid

Square Safe™  with Plus Safe™ lid

Square Safe  ™  with 3-safe  ™ lid

Square Safe™  with 3-safe™ lid

Square Safe  ™  with standard   lid

Square Safe™  with standard lid