Square Safe™ with Plus Safe™ lid

Bergen Plastics has developed an extra secure edition containing five lockings between the lid and the CRP frame. The Plus Safe™ lid feature reversed lockings between the tub and CRP frame, making deformations irrelevant. Bergen Plastics offer packaging in 100% recycled material, stemming from our own production surplus.

In order to comply with CRP-standards, the design makes the lid exterior inaccessible. The lockings are shielded by the CRP frame, enveloping the lid in closed position. The protruding rim of the tub slightly exceed the lid, preventing access from beneath, while keeping the lid in firm position. 

1. Press the side locking mechanisms to snap loose. 

2. Press the center locking mechanism to snap loose.

 3. A firm pull is still needed in order to bypass the hidden side lockings.

Principal locking mechanism, requiring a firm push to snap free.


The contains three snap locks in front and two hidden hooks on the sides. The hooks prevent unintentional opening upon turning packaging upside-down and keep the lid in firm position.

Note the locking positions between the lid and the CRP frame.


For further inquiries and detailed information, please contact Jan Atle Ellingsen, jae@bergen-plastics.no