Square Safe™ with 3-Safe™ lid

3-Safe™ is a new type of lid with the opening mechanism - in combination with the lid label - makes the optimal CRP solution. Bergen Plastics offer packaging in 100% recycled material, stemming from our own production surplus.

1. Tear off the yellow label area 

2. Press the three buttons simultaneously to open the lid

 3. Pull the lid until the hooks snap free.

The lid is primarily secured with three buttons, which has to be pushed simoultaneously in order to release the locking mechanism. The design require all three button to be pushed, making it difficult for small children to unlock, as well as accidental opening

Notice the pins next to the buttons, included for additional locking between the CRP frame and the lid. The buttons need to be pushed firmly in order to bypass the pins.

Protruding support bars, in order to secure the lid in the correct position, regardless of forces applied to the CRP frame or the tub.

Solid teeth/hooks on the front sides of the lid, locking the lid to the CRP frame. A firm pull is needed in order to raise the lid, while holding the buttons in release position.


For further inquiries and detailed information, please contact Jan Atle Ellingsen, jae@bergen-plastics.no