Bergen Plastics Group provide a mould shop and mould maker. Our mould shop is mainly occupied with modifications, adjustments and maintenance.

However, most moulds are purchased through our extensive network of mouldmaker partners throughout Europe and Asia. We've been building moulds for more than 40 years, with good references.

Design and construction of  moulds is closely monitored by our project teams. Plans are produced in Microsoft Project and reports with images sent by e-mail, which are all made available for customers together with weekly updates.

Bergen Plastics Group has a record of very competitive lead times.


We perform analysis and simulation of mould-flow into a given mold geometry. With proper application by an experienced user, this flow simulation can predict—before the mold is built—how the flow front progresses through the flow path of nozzle, sprue, runner, gate, and part. This allows for possible prediction of gate location, fill time, flow restrictions, plastic pressure distribution, air entrapment, venting issues, temperatures and weld lines.

  • Predict the melt front progression to see how the mold fills
  • Predict fountain flow phenomena, inertia phenomena, cavity effects, and viscosity heating effects
  • Predict weld line locations to minimize or eliminate them
  • Predict air traps
  • Predict the injection pressure and evaluate the requirement of clamping force
  • Evaluate the runner layout and type to minimize the volume of material and achieve runner balancing
  • Optimize the gate location and size to minimize weld lines and achieve balanced filling
  • Optimize conditions in filling stage, such as injection time, melt temperature and ram speed profile
  • Simulate filling process for multi-cavity molds or family molds