Why Bergen Plastics?

We are an industrial enterprise with the manufacturing technology and competence to offer our customers more than traditional injection moulding.

Market leader

Bergen Plastics provide customers with reliable and cost-effective product solutions and manufacture. Our goal is to facilitate sustainability by improving customers’ competitiveness and economical growth.

We develop solutions and manufacture large quantities of products to leading multinational enterprises.
Bergen Plastics is among Europe’s top five suppliers of high quality technical packaging. Bergen Plastics are front-runners in the Scandinavian market for food packaging, caps and closures, medical disposables and tube manufacturing.

To secure company expansion, our customers must harvest the benefits of innovative and cost-effective, first rate products. We create long term value through organizational quality and continuous improvements.

Manufacturing and end-to-end value

Bergen Plastics is a leading European supplier of cost-effective solutions based on injection moulding technology. We are customer oriented in our thinking and cost focused in our way of manufacturing. We supply a complete solution to every challenge.

Our factory is specially equipped with modern high speed machinery and infrastructure for plastic injection moulding. Handling, pre- and post processes are performed automatically.

All manufacture is carried out according to our quality system, which is supported by manuals, control plans and packaging instructions. Considerable infrastructure supports our manufacturing activities. Our maintenance program is extensive and all maintenance activities are logged in our maintenance database and system.

Spare part stocks and programs are held to ensure continuous and stable production, and reliable supplies to our customers. Raw material is stored on silos and fed automatically in closed distribution systems protecting the resins from the environment and contaminations. Bergen Plastics is amongst the largest European plastic resin consumers.

Continuous improvement

Bergen Plastics is continuously developing its processes and monitor and steer the development with the help of certain process indicators. Continuous improvement is supported with several quality tools. The most important strategic tool is Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing.


Competitive strengths

  • Quality

  • Sustainability

  • Competitive prices

  • Innovative solutions

  • Turn-key solutions

  • Hygienic manufacturing conditions

  • Traceability

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Knowledge and experience

  • Market leader



  1. Manufacturing technology – our company has aimed to use the latest manufacturing technology for more than 50 years to ensure our customers products of highest quality and right price. Bergen Plastics has invested considerably in planning and facilities management to yield the performance. 
  2. Material Science – we have a strong focus on material technology and applied engineering materials. The choice of material is met at an early stage in the design process to adapt the correct design parameters, based upon amongst others functionality, material analysis and simulation.
  3. Supply Integration – a fully integrated end-to-end solution and full product life-cycle management, which can span from design to packaged delivered products.